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Local 745 News

Run-off Candiates Teamster Endorsements | May 22, 2018

Published: May 08, 2018

Teamsters Local 745 endorses the following candidates for the May 22, 2018, run-off election in Dallas County:

Carl Sherman- State Rep. District #109

Ken Tapscott- Dallas County Court of Appeals of Law # 4

Carl Ginsberg- Dallas County 193rd Civil District Court

Martin Hoffman- Dallas County 68th Civil District Court

Pamela Luther- Dallas County Court of Criminal Appeals #2


Teamsters National UPS Negotiating Committee Begins to Address Economics; UPS Freight Continues Focus on Subcontracting, Seniority and Other Issues

Published: May 03, 2018

The Teamsters National UPS Negotiating Committee concluded its seventh round of negotiations this week in which the committee made an initial economic proposal. The initial proposal addresses Article 22 - PartTime Employees; Article 34 - Health & Welfare and Pension; Article 40 - Air Operation; and Article 41- FullTime Employees.

Click here for highlights from the union’s economic proposals.

ABF Vote Clarification Flier: You Can Vote Multiple Times, But Only Your Last Vote Counts

Published: Apr 26, 2018

The company that is coordinating the ABF ratification vote, BallotPoint, received an inquiry from an

ABF member who said he was able to vote multiple times. Below is information from BallotPoint to
address the member’s concerns.

As indicated in the Voting Notice, you may recast your vote at any time during the voting period, but
only your last vote will be counted. Why is recasting a vote permitted? In a contract-vote situation,
members may wish to change their votes based on new information learned during the voting period.
This situation is no different than in a mail-ballot, where you can request a “duplicate ballot.” And
exactly as in a mail-ballot, only the last vote received (based on a postmark or similar in a mail-ballot,
or the when-you-cast-your-vote time in a BallotPoint election) will be counted.

One difference: In a mail-ballot, votes that are not counted are left unopened but exist until all the voting
materials and records for that election are physically destroyed, which is at least a year but poten-
tially much longer; in our system, a previous vote is completely replaced by the new vote when a re-
cast occurs, so only the last vote ever exists within the system. There is no possibility that replaced
votes can be improperly counted or opened after the election.

Here's how it works for this ABF vote:


• When you cast your vote, it is received by the BallotPoint server, which encrypts it (twice,
in fact). This is analogous to the mail-ballot situation where you place your marked ballot in
a “secrecy envelope.” The encrypted vote is then stored in the BallotPoint system, along-
side a unique ID. Including that ID is analogous to you writing your name on the ballot-re-
turn envelope which you send back in a mail-ballot.


• When you recast, your previous, encrypted vote is replaced by your new, encrypted vote.
The system is programmed to overwrite the previous vote with the new vote, so that only
one vote per voter is present in the system. The vote to replace is identified by the unique
ID mentioned above.


• So, only your last vote you cast is ever stored in the BallotPoint system, and it is the one
that gets decrypted and counted at the tally. Please note that the unique IDs are stripped
before any decryption occurs, so the confidentialty of your vote is protected.
Regarding confirmation numbers: These exist only to let you know that your vote was successfully
encrypted and stored in the BallotPoint system. If you do not receive a confirmation number during
the voting process, then your vote has not been stored yet. If you recast, you will get a new confir-
mation number.


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